Although many know us for our incredible landscape design and awe-inspiring hardscaped patios, porches, and poolscapes, we’re also incredibly passionate about the natural beauty of a well manicured lawn. That’s why we’re happy to offer our lawn maintenance services to the residents of Newburgh and surrounding areas. You see, we believe that a happy lawn leads to happy homeowners (and business owners too!).

We offer our lawn care service to anyone who needs it–no lawn is too big or too small–and you can rest assured that we’ll deliver quality results that make your yard the envy of every single neighbor on your block. No landscape is too difficult for us to work with and we’re happy to apply quick-growing options to ensure that your lawn looks beautiful in no time. Live on a steep hillside? Not a problem! Need a section of your lawn replaced? We can do it!

There Are a Number of Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Yard

We’ve talked about the benefits of having a yard that you actually enjoy spending time in in our previous blogs, but we feel that it bears repeating. You have a yard, so you might as well take advantage of it to its fullest! If you find yourself uninterested in spending time in your yard, you have to ask yourself what the reason for that could be. If it’s because it’s not visually appealing, we can help with that. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have enough shade. We can come up with a solution. Maybe you just find that you’d love to spend time outside but that you don’t really have an area to do it. We’d be glad to install a porch or patio that allows you to enjoy the space that you have!

If you’re not using your yard for one of the reasons above (or for any other reason for that matter), just imagine what you could do if you actually enjoyed your outdoor space! Not only could you use that space to rest and relax, catch up on your reading, and indulge in a cold drink at the end of a long day, but you could also use your space to host parties, throw barbecues, and play with the kids. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

We Do It All

No matter what you’re envisioning, we can help. Perhaps you need your lawn mowed on a regular basis. In addition to keeping your lawn neatly trimmed to it’s optimal height, we can also do mulching, trimming, pruning, and fertilizing in order to make your lawn look its best. We also offer spring clean ups as part of our lawn care service where we can get everything ready to go, ensuring that when warm weather rolls around, you’re ready to go.

Of course this being September, you’re probably already dreaming of chilly fall evenings. Why not let us make sure everything is in order before you send off the summer? We offer sprinkler blowouts to make sure that your sprinkler system is winterized and ready for the weather to come.

There’s just enough time left to install a retaining wall on your property as well! Get it out of the way now so you can enjoy beautiful flowers when the weather warms up again next spring. That sounds like a win/ win to us.

Get a Free Consultation

No matter what your yard needs, we’d love to provide you with the lawn care services you need to make your home look its best. From installing landscape lighting to maintaining draining systems, if it makes your yard look better, we can do it. Our team of knowledgeable lawn maintenance experts would love nothing more than to work with your vision to make your dreams a reality. Not sure what you need, but know you need something? We can give you a couple of ideas that we think would improve your space and you can choose what works best for you.

Ready to be happy with your yard again? We’re ready to help! Feel free to contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or give us a call at 845-534-2085 today. We look forward to hearing from you!