Spring is here and that means everyone in the Cornwall-On-Hudson area is starting to think about the summer growing season and what they’re going to do for lawn care service.

For far too many residents of this area, lawn care service appears to be an afterthought. After a few good spring rains, the grass on the front lawn is suddenly out of control, and people scramble to hire the first person who shows up with a lawn mower.

However, you wouldn’t hire just anyone to babysit your kids or repair your broken plumbing, and we encourage you to apply this same level of excellence to your lawn care service.

For over 20 years, Benninger Landscaping has been setting new standards for lawn care service in the Cornwall-On-Hudson area. When it comes to our team, great customer service is still alive and well.

Keep reading to learn more about the qualities you should look for in a lawn care service company, then contact Benninger Landscaping for a consultation and price quote today.


Good Service Is About More Than Lawn Mowing

The reason we caution you against hiring that random guy who pulls up in a landscaping truck or the neighbor kid pushing a trusty lawnmower is that true lawn care is about more than just cutting the grass every now and again.

Your lawn care service provider should be your partner in property maintenance, alerting you to potential problems before they happen and suggesting treatment plans that will keep your grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers healthy for many years to come.

Questions To Ask A Potential Lawn Care Service Provider

How Many Services Do You Offer?

“The needs of your yard can change from season to season, year to year. Just like you wouldn’t go to a dentist who only does cleanings, you want to hire a lawn care company that can provide additional services when you need them,” advises Angie’s List.

The best lawn care companies are those that can provide the service you need no matter what time of year it is, or what improvements you’re looking to make. Benninger Landscaping is your expert in lawn care, landscape design, hardscaping, and more. We want to be your long term partner in building a beautiful home.

What Do Your Online Reviews Say?

These days, it’s easy to find out what kind of customer service, materials, reliability, and expertise you can expect from a potential lawn care service company. Just look at their online reviews! Benninger Landscaping is proud of the 5/5 star reviews we’ve earned on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Check them out for yourself!

Are You Certified/Licensed/Insured?

This is the most basic way that a lawn care service company proves that they deserve the chance to come on your property and work on your landscaping. If they haven’t taken the time to secure proper certifications, licensure, and insurance, what other corners might they be cutting?

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