For over 20 years, Benninger Landscaping has been providing quality landscape design services to residents and businesses in the Hudson Valley. We’re proud to be the landscaping business that more people trust when they want to make improvements to their property in Cornwall-on-Hudson and beyond.

We understand that families and business owners in this area don’t have a lot of extra money to throw away on unnecessary services. Many times, we’ve been asked why landscape design is important. After all, most properties come complete with grass and a few trees. Why spend time and energy on outdoor spaces when the interior is where you work, sleep, and gather with others?

Keep reading to discover more about the vital role that landscape design plays in creating a beautiful, more functional outdoor environment for all of us here in Cornwall-on-Hudson, then contact Benninger Landscaping to get started on your own landscaping service!

What Is Landscape Design, Anyway?

Before we talk about the benefits of landscape design for your property, let’s clarify exactly what it is. Landscape design professionals are responsible for arranging and modifying the features of a residential yard, a public urban area, or a commercial property to improve its aesthetic or functional performance. An effective landscape designer is able to change how others perceive an outdoor space simply by the elements they choose to include and how they’re arranged. Landscape design is typically divided into two categories: hardscaping and softscaping. More about the differences between those later. For now, let’s dive into our discussion of why landscaping design is important!

Benefits Of Landscape Design

Landscape Design Preserves Nature

Here at Benninger Landscaping, the preservation of nature is one of our favorite benefits of professional landscape design. Without skilled landscape architects, cities would be flat, gray labyrinths, completely devoid of trees, plants, and grass. It takes a lot of skill to meld urban environments with the natural features that existed there long before cities were built. When executed correctly, natural landscaping creates a balance between the built environment and the wild world of plants and animals.

Landscape Design Conserves Natural Resources

If the presence of beautiful plants and trees in the built environment doesn’t get you excited for landscape design, maybe this will: professional landscaping helps to conserve precious natural resources. Proper landscaping means cleaner air, less wasted water, and soil that resists erosion. If you care about the health of the environment, a landscape designer can help to create an outdoor setting that helps protect the ecological balance of our world.

Landscape Design Increases Functionality

There have been countless studies showing that human beings are happier and healthier the more time they spend outdoors in nature. No one wants to play or hang out in a backyard that’s just crabgrass and pebbles, however. Just like no one wants to have a barbecue or birthday party on a patio that’s bumpy or unbalanced. With the help of a skilled landscape designer, you can transform boring outdoor areas into beautiful spaces that serve a functional purpose. When your family is comfortable, they’re much more likely to switch off the TV and head outside!

Contact Benninger Landscaping For Superior Landscape Design

With over 20 years of experience in the Cornwall-on-Hudson area, the Benninger Landscaping team has the skill you need to execute a beautiful landscape design project. Whether you’re looking to maximize the space in small backyard, or simply want to create a yard that doesn’t require daily watering, our landscaping company can help.

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