Now that fall is in full swing, the good people of Cornwall-on-Hudson are starting to enjoy sweaters, warm beverages, and football games. It’s the time of year where everything starts to change a bit and we start to anticipate all of the incredible holidays that come with cooler weather. Halloween means candy and costumes, Thanksgiving is for turkey and football, Christmas is for gift giving and family, and New Years is for celebrating and getting dressed up. There’s a lot to look forward to!

That means that landscape design isn’t likely to be at the front of your mind, but there are some compelling reasons for why it should be. As you can probably imagine, our landscaping business stays pretty busy from the beginning of spring all the way through summer. That means that fall is a great time to utilize our landscaping service because we can make your ideas a reality pretty quickly.

What Do You Want To Do With Your Yard?

You deserve to have a beautiful yard and we’re here to help. At Benninger Landscaping, we’re happy to work with the ideas you have for your yard or allow you to give us free reign to brainstorm a few ideas on how you can boost your visual appeal. Here are a few of the things we think would be a perfect way to improve your space this fall.

Add a Walkway

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a path that connects your front yard to your backyard. Now is the time to do it! Whatever your vision looks like, we would be glad to work hard for you in order to be sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether that means beautiful bricks, natural bluestone, or something else entirely, the team at Benninger Landscaping can handle it with ease. We offer a wide selection of materials for our customers to choose from and you can be as involved in the process as you like, from handing us the plans and letting us go to work to utilizing our design services and leaving it all to us.

Install Some Lighting

One of the best ways to add some visual appeal to your yard is by adding some extra landscape lighting. Highlight a beautiful portion of your yard or let the lights follow the path of your sidewalk, leading your guests directly to your front door in style and elegance. This particular landscape design idea is ideal at this point in the year as well. Before you know it, the light we get during the day won’t seem quite as long. Whereas in the summer you could hop out of your car and walk up to the front door with several hours of daylight left, the time is going to come where it will be dark when you’re heading home from work, making lighting both beautiful and practical. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

Build a Retaining Wall

You may have considered a retaining wall in the past, but now is the time to have one built. Whether it’s a simple and small decorative wall to highlight a collection of flowers or you want a fully engineered wall that helps to enhance the beauty and visual appeal of your yard, we would be happy to help make sure you get exactly what you want. If your yard slopes, you’re the perfect candidate for a retaining wall. As with our other services, we’re happy to work with the ideas you have or we can take a look at your space and provide you with a few suggestions for what we think would work best. Either way, the end result is a beautiful space that you’re sure to love.

Get In Touch With Our Team Today

Whether you’d like to utilize one of the above landscape design ideas or you have something else in mind for your yard, the team at Benninger Landscaping is happy to help give you the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of for your home. Contact us today to get started on your next project this fall so you can enjoy it when spring rolls around in 2018. We look forward to working with you!